How to deploy to your FTP server from a Git repository using Launchdeck

Deploy code from your Git repository to your FTP server within minutes.

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Different ways to deploy a website using Git

There are several ways to deploy code from your Git repository to your server.

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The Launch

Today, we are officially leaving the beta phase of Launchdeck.

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Better webhooks for all

From now on, you'll get all the info on your project webhook status and URL at a glance.

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Introducing universal .git source support

Starting today, we'll be supporting any type of hosted git repository as the source for your project and builds.

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Introducing Automatic Build Configuration

Today, we are thrilled to announce our most exciting feature yet: Automatic build configuration.

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Asset building hell

Since the dawn of package managers and transpiler languages, the lives of us, developers, have become a lot easier. And a lot harder...

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A better way to deploy code

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