The Launch

Today, we are officially leaving the beta phase of Launchdeck.

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Better webhooks for all

From now on, you'll get all the info on your project webhook status and URL at a glance.

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Introducing universal .git source support

Starting today, we'll be supporting any type of hosted git repository as the source for your project and builds.

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Introducing Automatic Build Configuration

Today, we are thrilled to announce our most exciting feature yet: Automatic build configuration.

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Our customers love us

This is why we do it

“Outstanding customer service. I was very surprised about the level of commitment of the support for a free account. This alone is a reason for me to switch to a paid account.”
Markus M
Business Owner (50 or fewer emp.)
“Great tool and it has really been making deployment of our software to several different staging environments a lot smoother.”
Arjan S
Business Owner (50 or fewer emp.)
“You guys have done a very good job, we really love the platform. Keep up the good work and hopefully you rock the deployment market very soon!”
Raido K
Business Owner (50 or fewer emp.)

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