Starting today, we're giving our users full insight regarding their project webhook, including the ability to manually refresh commits as well as utilize the webhook whichever way they want.

With the introduction of universal .git support we took a good look at our webhook system, which used to be deeply integrated with the GitHub and Bitbucket APIs. While it works 99% of the time, there were some edge cases where users were experiencing problems, or worse, weren't able to get the much needed insight on how their webhook works.

Previously, webhooks were generated and configured on your GitHub or Bitbucket repository in a more or less behind-the-scenes manner. When you add a new project through a service integration, Launchdeck will automatically add a webhook to your repository so that any time you push a new commit, you can use it to make a new build in Launchdeck.

Before today, however, there wasn't an easy way for our users to learn about the details of their project webhook. Furthermore, in some permissions-related edge cases with Bitbucket, Launchdeck couldn't automatically set up the webhook which would mean no new commits would automatically appear in the project overview.

This new update shows all the relevant information at a glance. The webhook status and URL are available under the "Repository" tab in your project settings. Just in case the webhook couldn't be added automatically, we'll let you know to add it in your repository settings with your .git hosting provider. If you'd prefer not to use the webhook, the "Refresh commits" button still lets you keep your project overview up-to-date.

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Lead developer and co-founder of Launchdeck - Node.js, TypeScript and Docker nerd.