We're stoked to announce that starting today we'll be supporting any type of hosted git repository as the source for your project and builds.

While our API integration with GitHub and Bitbucket offers the convenience of listing your repositories and automatically setting up your webhook, if you host your repositories on other services such as GitLab, or are using a self-hosted git server, Launchdeck couldn't be a part of your workflow up until now. Today, with support for private and/or hosted ".git" origins from anywhere, we're completing that part of the puzzle.

For the time being, you'll have to use the "https" equivalent of your .git URL and input the credentials rather than setting up a new keypair. If you're concerned about security, we'd recommend setting up a "builder" account on the .git hosting service of your choice and giving it just read-only permission to the necessary repositories.

DIY Webhooks

As a part of this update we have revised our webhooks system to support "generic" webhooks - that is - webhooks that don't need any payload, just a request, to fetch the latest commits from any repository. The webhook is fully secure via SSL and includes a secret token that is specific to your project in the URL.

Don't want to use webhooks? We've added a "Refresh" button to the "Repository" settings tab of your project so you can manually trigger a refresh of the commits.

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