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Katapult, the build automation tool at the heart of Launchdeck is open source.

GitHub repository

Building your app is as easy as
$ katapult package

Katapult is a powerful build automation toolkit running on Node.js with a high-performance caching system built-in. You can automate installation, testing and build routines by simply declaring commands in .katapult.yml files.

We love to share with other programmers!

At Launchdeck we believe in sharing code and knowledge with the community. That’s why Katapult, the build automation engine at the heart of Launchdeck, is hosted and maintained publicly on GitHub, as well as several supporting modules.

Stable: katapult 1.0.2
Latest: katapult 1.0.2
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Some nice features

Easy configuration to prepare a repository for deployment

Ignore unnecessary files and directories from your repository during the build

Partial “per-command” caching so only changed parts will have to be built again

A better way to deploy code

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