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Modern web projects often require numerous commands to be run in order go get your code ready for production. Launchdeck makes automating such a build process easy, no matter what framework or language you’re using.

Launchdeck has a powerful build automation system with high-performance caching built-in. You can set up automation pipelines by simply declaring commands in YAML format. These commands can be easily arranged, spanning the entire build process: fetching dependencies, compiling code, compressing CSS, bundling modules with Webpack - basically any task your workflow requires.

All files generated by your build commands can be uploaded to your server, meaning you don’t have to keep compiled files in your Git repository or install dependencies on your server.

Chances are you won't even need to touch any YAML. We have built an "automatic build configuration" engine that scans the contents of your repository and, based on the files it encounters, intelligently suggests a build pipeline for your project.

Key features

Build commands

Run commands such as, “composer install”, “npm install” or “npm build” in an isolated build container before uploading the resulting files.


Easily introduce unit tests to improve the quality of your sites or applications.

Special commands

With special commands such as 'use-node-version', you'll have your build configuration ready, faster than ever.

Cache dependencies and artifacts

With the use of our per-command cache engine you can save lots of time. Only changed parts of your application will have to be built again.

Ignore paths

Stop certain files from being included with deployments. Gain serious performance and workflow improvements by not wasting time transferring unnecessary files.

Shared files

Define paths within your application that will persist on your server throughout versions, such as user uploads or log files.

We love to share
with other developers!

At Launchdeck we believe in sharing code and knowledge with the community. That’s why our build automation system is hosted and maintained publicly on GitHub, as well as several supporting modules.

Launchdeck GitHub page

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"I just wanted to say, great job, I spent like a week to find a service like this."
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