As simple as 1-2-3


Pick a repo

Instant setup with repositories hosted by Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab.


Setup your build

package.json? composer.lock? We’ve been there. Automate installation, testing and build routines.


Launch your project

Launchdeck deploys to pretty much everywhere and your server is good to go as-is.

Connect any number of Git accounts and select the repository you want to deploy. Push a new commit and we'll build and transfer the new version to your server, ready to go, so you can publish it with a push of a button.

We will try to automatically figure out what build config suits your project best according to the contents of your repository. These commands may fetch dependencies, build assets or anything else you can think of.

There’s no server-side software required! We will work out all the minute (and boring) details automatically. On top of that you can deploy code to multiple environments, like staging or production, simultaneously.

You’re now ready to deploy with zero-downtime and instant rollbacks.

Activity overview

Always know what's going on with your projects. When you’re in the overview, you'll see what items need your attention at a glance.

Builds & Releases

The project page will show you exactly what you need: the status of your environments and a list of previous releases.

Got a problematic release? Rollback to a previous one with a single click.

Build details and release notes

There's nothing worse than being in the dark about what's going on!
Tracking & monitoring

Output streams are pushed to your browser in real time so you can follow the deployment progress closely.

Release notes

See what files have been changed, added or deleted alongside the commit messages.

No stress

Our mission briefing will let you know exactly what will happen when you click the Publish! button.

Project settings

Easily change settings whenever necessary. Add more servers, switch from Gulp to Webpack, ignore files or directories you don't want to be uploaded.

No problem!

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Get started

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