Configuring an FTP server

Pick ‘FTP’ as the server type and give it an easily recognizable name.

Enter your server’s hostname, and optionally the port if you wish to use a different port (the default ‘21’ is standard for the FTP protocol).

Enter the credentials to your server and the webroot path to which your files should be uploaded. Normally, this will be a directory like htdocs or public_html.

Configuring an FTP server for deployment

Please note that the webroot path is relative to the FTP user's home directory. So say the home directory of the FTP user is /domains/ and you want your project stored at /domains/, you should then set your webroot to /public_html.

To figure out whether the server connection data is correct, run the server connection test and we’ll try to connect to your server and check the provided path(s).

We’ve also written an article outlining how to easily deploy code to your FTP server.